Lawrence Calver - Indonesia Exhibition


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Gallery artist Lawrence Calver has recently exhibited and documented a collection of his woven artwork In Indonesia. DM to receive a catalogue of artworks. The main location was an 18th century building in the city of Jogja. A city on the Indonesian island of Java known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage. Other locations were found along the way based on colour, texture, and architectural structures. The old bakery is over 100 years old, and very little has changed since the 1920s from the furniture down to the trays and utensils. It seemed fitting to show the work titled ‘1841’ to open up a transient dialogue between the work and its environment. The largest work ‘untitled’ was shot in the entrance to a tofu factory. The ageing and worn effect of the wall shared a strong resemblance to the energy of the artwork. Even the chalk handwriting on the wall draws on similarities from previous works.